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Hey everyone! Welcome to Sola Gratia farms!

Sola Gratia is Latin for grace alone. And this is the reason our farm exists. God’s Grace is abundant on our farm in the way we raise our animals and grow our vegetables. Being able to sustain long hours and hard work it’s all his grace. Our logo is representative of this our farm in his hand.

Our family of 5, we started our farm in 2018 with a few heritage breed chickens, rabbits, a couple pigs and goats. We tilled in our first garden that grew some pretty great weeds…

This endeavour all stemmed from a growing passion to feed our family a higher quality food that is nutrient dense and produced in a way that allows the animals to be themselves.

All our livestock spends the spring, summer and fall out on pasture or in the woods. This produces some of the best meat and eggs you can buy. 

Our tilled garden has grown to 57 30’X 30” beds. These beds are now a no dig system. This means we do not till we just add compost on top of the surface. When starting out we will use a broad fork just to crack the soil to allow air in. We have one caterpillar tunnel over 12 of these beds. We use no chemical inputs like pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. 

Our passion for a better food source led us to want to bring this food to our local community and farm full time.

We have a lack of healthy food in our stores that is usually shipped for long distances. Our desire is to bring fresh and healthy food to as many as we can in our local area.

Please feel free to contact us and learn more!  

““Sola Gratia Farms is a local operation that provide me and my family with beautiful, tasty, and well priced vegetables, microgreens, eggs, honey, and forest/pasture raised meats! Troy and Michelle provide a service that is what eating local is all about and we can’t thank them enough!”.”


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